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Disc Jam

Disc Jam

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Alex Dassise and Spencer Kleweno have been working together since October 2015. A giant thank you to Dale McCauley and the Austin Entrepreneurship Program at Oregon State University for all their consistent help. By November 2015, we had created our first sell-able prototype. In February, we successfully filled 25 orders of our first round of beta sales! In the next few months we would go viral with our first music video and create a popular Instagram page. Throughout April, we delivered all of our sales and started to attract more attention. In May, we were apart of 3 important pitching opportunities. Our first pitch was to a group of Nike executives that were specialized in design and engineering. This would help us with sales and connections! Our next pitch was in a competition called, the OSU vs UO Shark Tank competition. We were awarded first place and $1,000 for our amazing work!


Spencer and I used the money to buy our own 3D printer and enhance our other aspects of our business: Seiji’s Bridge. The last pitch in May was apart of a group called Sport-Up. We took the opportunity to pitch in front of 80+ business professionals in the Portland area at a incubator called “We Works”. This was our best pitch of the year! From there, we found connections to engineering firms, photographers, the Oregon State Accelerator and more! This June, we joined the Oregon State Accelerator program to enhance our company. Through the accelerator, we pivoted the idea of our product. Instead of just being a toy, we saw the opportunity to create a tool.  A fun, interactive, and engaging tool that young people can use to enhance learning and fun! Today, we are patent-pending and getting closer to crowdfunding.

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August 3, 2016